Okay, I admit I had stuck.

To love and to care somebody, to be loved and to be cared from somebody.

That is a sweet feeling, but not easy to find it.

I was sink into the trap to find the feeling by many way.

 I spend a lot of time to get fail.

 And finally lost my mind and forgot who I am.

Just like this weekend, I couldn’t remember what I done for my life.

It’s time to sober up.  I shouldn’t lose my mind and my energetic.

To really enjoy every day in my life and doing everything with enthusiasm.

I can move forward and I must be.




(如果文法、文字寫錯,麻煩請指正,因為我英文越來越爛了= =)






附錄:在po文的時候恐怖的ID unavail電話響起,我很害怕忍不住接了,然後又走回那沒有出口的無限迴圈…(結果是我多慮了~幹!)

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